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"I went to war poor.  Nine years later I came back rich.  Along the way, I became known as a Red Chaser.  Now, I was going to meet the greatest Red Chaser of them all.  Senator Joe McCarthy.  Tailgunner Joe himself."

If you enjoy James Ellroy or the Nate Heller books by Max Allan Collins, you'll love this romp into this 1950s history of spies, Commies and the Brooklyn Dodgers.  

Plunge into this 1950s thriller

The novel Red Chaser tosses you right into the 1950s.  In the 1950s, you'll meet the kinkiest and most beautiful spy this side of the Iron Curtain.  You'll meet Joe McCarthy.  Best of all, you'll live the life of Jake McHenry.

Jake seems to have a near-perfect life.  After all, he spent five years in Germany after World War II and came back laden with ill-gotten Nazi riches.  Being young and rich ain't bad.

Back home in Brooklyn, Jake became a private detective for the simple reason that he needed a pretend job to hide the source of his riches.  Mostly, however, he went to Brooklyn Dodgers games at Ebbets Field and drank beer.

Between games, Jake did occasionally work at being a detective.  His specialty was looking for candid photo-ops of husbands trying to get a little on the side.  Sort of seedy, but not a bad diversion.

Then Joe McCarthy entered the picture.  A childhood buddy introduced Jake to Tailgunner Joe.  They wanted Jake to steal a secret list of celebrity communists from the Ice Queen, a rich high-society leftist named Arabella Van Dyk.  The Ice Queen also happened to be the most beautiful--and most depraved--woman that Jake had ever seen.

The break-in of the Ice Queen's brownstone in Manhattan was easy, but it unleashed a flurry of Russians,  North Koreans, J. Edgar Hoover and mobsters in a wild chase for the list. 

The backdrop to all this is the greatest pennant race in the history of Major League Baseball.  The New York Giants chased the Brooklyn Dodgers all summer long for the National League pennant.  That’s the year that Bobby Thompson hit the "shot heard 'round the world."  The pennant--and Jake's life--comes down to the last inning and the last pitch at the Polo Grounds in New York City on Wednesday, October 3, 1951.

Red Chaser is a fresh spin on the historical mystery novel.  It's fun, it's 1950s noir, it's Brooklyn, it keeps you guessing and when you finish the last page you say, "Wow, that was fun."

What is Geezer-Lit?

At my age, I read for fun. Don't talk to me about books that will make me smarter. I was already as smart as I'll ever be a few decades ago. And, reading retirement financial books is the best way to nod off quickly.

Give me a good mystery book. For me, I prefer a different era like the Nate Heller books by Max Allan Collins or James Ellroy books.

I don't give any book a big chance. If it isn't interesting from the get-go, I let go. Sure I paid for the book, but I don't have to pay more in my time to read a book that bores me. If I don't enjoy reading it, why read it? For my original investment in the book? That's silly.

Stats show that most men in their 20s and 30s don't read novels like we Boomers or Geezers used to. What a shame. There's very few things as good as settling down and reading a good book.

So, this site is dedicated to geezer and boomer readers.  I would like to say that this site would appeal to both men and women geezers, but I'm not sure if women think that geezer is an endearing moniker for them.  Old guys don’t seem to mind.  So, while I’m not sure if women will enjoy this site I am sure that male geezers will.  Women, enter at your own risk.